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Communications · WASHINGTON, District of Columbia
Department Communications
Employment Type Contractor
Minimum Experience Experienced
Compensation $8000 per month

Part-time Contract  (Up to 24 hours per week)

Salary: $8000 per month 

Location: Washington, DC, preferred

Swamp Stories 

As headlines make clear every day, our democracy is under assault. And our politics are broken. The only way to get out of this mess is to push back on the hyper-partisanship around these issues and get the two parties to work together. That is what Swamp Stories is all about. And it's the reason it’s one of the top five podcasts in the democracy reform space. 

We’re looking for a new host to lead this crucial conversation in Washington and beyond.

Swamp Stories dives into political reform with a bipartisan lens. The show has shined a light on the swampiest practices in Washington that repulse Republicans and Democrats alike: slush funds in Congress, dark money in elections, gerrymandered districts, attacks on our elections, dialing for dollars, and more.

In both narrative storytelling-style episodes and traditional interviews, the show has featured leading conservative and liberal elected leaders, journalists, activists, and reform experts who highlight areas of agreement about how to fix America’s broken political system. Swamp Stories is also Issue One’s primary vehicle to communicate our work to the public. 

The podcast is on its second season, with 42 episodes and a variety of bonus content, earning over 250,000 all-time downloads. The show has featured over 90 unique guests, including 12 sitting members of Congress from both parties. Swamp Stories is also a member of the Democracy Group, a diverse network of good-government podcasts. The podcast is one of the most listened to in the democracy reform space.

Issue One 

Issue One is committed to winning game-changing federal reforms to fix our broken political system and create an inclusive democracy that works for everyone. Since 2014, Issue One has worked to educate the public and Congress to pass legislation to increase transparency, strengthen government ethics and accountability, reduce the influence of big money in politics, protect the freedom to vote, and strengthen U.S. elections.

Issue One is helping lead the fight to protect U.S. elections and election workers in 2022, ensure a peaceful transfer of power in 2025, and win comprehensive reforms to combat disinformation on technology platforms. Issue One formed the National Council on Election Integrity and led its $15 million Count Every Vote campaign to defend the integrity of the 2020 elections and push back against attempts to undermine faith in our democratic process. 

Since its founding, Issue One has had an outsized impact on Washington. For example, our Don’t Mess With US and election administration campaigns helped win $825 million in federal funding for states to improve their cybersecurity and manage their elections in 2020 amid the pandemic.

Additionally, Issue One helped lead the congressional push to establish a 9/11-style commission to investigate the attack on the U.S. Capitol. More recently, it has been at the center of the legislative effort to update the Electoral Count Act.


The ideal host is a proven creative storyteller with an engaging style, a clear narrative voice, and a highly motivated self-starter and idea generator. In addition, the host must be comfortable working in a cross-partisan manner and able to bring together guests from across the political spectrum to advocate for a democracy that works better for all Americans.  

Working with members of Issue One’s communications team and consultants, the host is responsible for proposing, developing, researching, and writing episode scripts, and identifying, pitching, and interviewing guests. The host will help Swamp Stories continue to be a leader in the democracy reform space while also challenging and pushing the podcast to experiment with new formats and touch on a broader array of democracy reform issues. 

The host will also be responsible for creating and maintaining a regular editorial calendar, sketching a long-term strategic vision for the podcast, identifying key growth areas and metrics, and assisting in marketing and promotion. 


  • Completing two full narrative or conversation podcast episodes monthly and one bonus or mini-episode. 
  • Pitching and developing episode and interview ideas
  • Writing and editing episode scripts
  • Identifying, reaching out to, and interviewing guests 
  • Creating and maintaining an editorial schedule and a long-term strategy plan


At least seven years of experience in journalism, communications, or a related field focused on writing, research, and storytelling. 

  • Strong writing and editing abilities
  • Demonstrated creativity
  • Able to work in a collaborative environment while also being a driven self-starter
  • Passion for cross-partisan political reform and democracy issues
  • Experience in podcasting, broadcasting, or public speaking is strongly desired
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and the U.S. democracy space

How to apply

Click "apply for this job" on the top right corner of this page and submit your resume by Friday, October 16. Additionally, as part of your application, please also email the following to podcast@issueone.org with your name and ‘Swamp Stories podcast host’ in the subject line: 

  • A 2-minute video or audio recording expressing your interest in being the host of the Swamp Stories podcast and
  • A 2-minute video or audio recording explaining what direction you would take the podcast ahead of the 2024 elections

Optionally, please feel free to include any written or other relevant work you would like to share in your email.

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